From Client to Superhero

Anthony advises leadership as a Board of Trustee Member 

Anthony was one of the first children we welcomed into our care. Together, we watched him grow into a teenager, graduate from high school, continue onto college, and now, start his career.

Anthony’s beginning started off a lot like Thomas’s (Read Thomas’s Story here). Anthony was born addicted to drugs. Medical professionals believed his chances of living a “normal” life were slim. Just like Thomas, Anthony has superpowers and was not alone. He had Our Little Haven and his adoptive mom, Alma. 

To this day Anthony continues to defy the odds, using his empathitic superpowers as a case manager to help kids in foster care. His story comes full circle as he becomes the Superhero he needed as a child. But, Anthony’s story does not stop there. He is on his way to obtaining his Masters degree. With everything he does, Anthony aims to help the children and families who need it most. 

Anthony recently stepped into a new role at Our Little Haven as a member of the Board of Trustees. He uses his superpowers to advise our leadership and serves as a representative for the children in our foster care program. Anthony’s perspective helps us continue to put our children and families in the forefront: mind, body, and soul.

Anthony has always been apart of Our Little Haven and we are thrilled to have him join us as a Trustee. Thank you, Anthony!