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Taylor Family Foster Care

Our Little Academy

Keystone Mental Health

Staff Listing

Administrative Staff

4316 Lindell Blvd.

To reach staff dial (314) 533-2229 and the corresponding extension.

Fax: (314) 533-3098

Scott Hummel, MSW, Ph.D. (HON) Executive Director. Ext.224

Kathleen Hummel, MSW, Ph.D. (HON) Therapeutic Director

Mike Bahlinger, Director of Finance and Operations. Ext. 225

Mike Fitzgerald, Director of Community Resource Development. Ext. 284

Chris Munoz, CFRE, Development Manager. Ext 232

Heather Schmidt, Development Associate. Ext 227

Annette Kissel, Office Manager. Ext. 226

Len Kissel, Facilities and Maintenance Ext. 226

Keystone Mental Health Services

4326 Lindell Blvd.

Dial (314) 533-2229 x223 to reach Keystone Mental Health Services

Fax: (314) 533-0647

Lizette Smith, Ph.D. Licensed Psychologist - Director of Clinical Programs; Keystone Program Manager. Ext. 200

Shana Blumenthal, MSW, LCSW - Associate Director of Clinical Programs, Keystone Associate Manager. Ext. 234

Christi Moore, Ph.D. Licensed Psychologist - Staff Psychologist.

Jennifer Evans, Psy.D. Licensed Psychologist - Staff Psychologist.

Colleen Abendroth, MSW, LCSW Psychotherapist; Registered Play Therapist.

Jessica Roeseler, MSW, LCSW Psychotherapist; Registered Play Therapist. Ext.237.

Timika Edwards, PhD Licensed Psychologist - Staff Psychologist.

Meg Jennings, MSW, LCSW Psychotherapist. Ext 286

Shari Sullivan, RN Coordinator of Medical Services. Ext. 220

Crystal Mossman, Clinical Administrative Assistant. Ext. 223

Clinical Administrative Assistant. Ext. 275

Our Little Academy Day Treatment

4330 Lindell Blvd.

To reach Our Little Academy staff dial (314) 533-2229 and the corresponding extension

Fax: (314) 533-7496

Sarah Thomas, MSW, LCSW Program Manager. Ext. 295

Leisha Guterman, MS Educational Therapist. Ext. 294

Danielle Farnam, MSW Educational Therapist. Ext. 242

Brittany Smith, MA LPC Day Treatment Psychotherapist. Ext. 269 

Taylor Family Care Center Foster Care Case Management

4435 West Pine Blvd.

To reach Taylor Family Care Center staff, dial (314) 531-3183 and the corresponding extension.

Fax: (314) 531-3164

Nicole Pashia, MA  Program Manager Ext. 234

Megan Greeno, MSW Program Supervisor Ext. 223

Britney Argurieo, Foster Care Case Manager Ext. 225

Tiffany Crumer, Foster Care Case Manager Ext. 228

Kuwana Hornberger, Foster Care Case Manager Ext. 239

Shari Sullivan, RN Foster Care Medical Case Manager Ext. 222

Moriah Tageson, Foster Care Case Manager Ext. 230

Katie Todaro, Foster Care Case Manager Ext. 235

Sharon Whalen, Administrative Assistant Ext. 229

Tiffany VanMatre, Educational Advocate.