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No one will be denied access to Our Little Haven's Keystone Mental Health Services due to inability to pay. Keystone offers several resources to cover the costs of services, including a discount, sliding fee schedule available.

Keystone Mental Health Services is an outpatient mental health practice that provides mental and behavioral health care: assessment/evaluation, treatment, and community consultation.

The Keystone Mission:  We seek to improve the mental health & well-being of clients, many who traditionally have limited access to mental health care, by decreasing symptoms and increasing functioning through early intervention.

What can we help with?  We treat many types of difficulties faced by children, parents, and families, such as depression, trauma reaction, anxiety, school problems, attention problems, disruptive behaviors, family and relationship problems, loss and grief, and parenting needs. Our assessments and comprehensive psychological evaluations can provide diagnostic clarification, answers to questions about level of functioning, identification of problems, recommendation for services, and many others.

Areas of Specialization We offer a comprehensive range of mental health services for many types of problems. Additionally, Keystone specializes in treatment of the very young child,  comprehensive psychological evaluations, Play Therapy, and treating complex conditions.

Our Clients

Our "clients" are the recipients of our mental health care. These are persons referred because of mental, emotional, and behavioral concerns. We assess, screen, & evaluate the functioning of adults, teens, children, and toddlers as young as 18 months old. We treat adults and we treat families with children 12 years and under. We offer community education and professional training for agencies and practitioners who have similar treatment clients and missions to ours; this service is available upon request.

Advancing the Quality of Care for Clients

We advance quality of care through our philosophy, values, and approaches to client care:

  • Our professional activities are driven by client well-being.
  • Clinical actions are based on the therapeutic benefit to a client's mental health.
  • Keystone practices adhere to researched findings of the disciplines of clinical psychology, clinical social work, and psychiatry.
  • Recognition of the whole individual and family system in treatment.
  • Utilization of bio-psycho-social approach to assessment and treatment.
  • Formalized coordination of care with external health care practitioners.
  • Our identity is that of mental health care practitioners.
  • Care by experienced and fully licensed psychologists and clinical social workers.
  • Care delivered in a safe, private, and comfortable setting, ensuring the dignity and respect of each client.
  • We take seriously and maintain cultural competence in our work with clients and community providers.

    To schedule an appointment or learn more about our services please call

(314) 533-2229 x223

Questions? Please call our Director of Clinical Programs, Dr. Lizette Smith, (314) 533-2229 x200

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