caring for children and families. mind. body. soul.


Taylor Family Foster Care

Our Little Academy

Keystone Mental Health

Our Mission and Values

OUR MISSION: Our Little Haven is relentlessly committed to providing early intervention services for children and families. Our community of professional caregivers create a safe, secure, and healing environment for those impacted by abuse, neglect, and mental or behavioral health needs. We make the hurting stop, the healing begin, and the love last one family at a time.

Guided by our belief in a Loving God . . . 

  • We place the well-being of the child as our first and most important priority
  • We value the people who care for the children
  • We serve our families with love, care, and compassion
  • We are dedicated to the highest quality of service and professional expertise
  • We provide a loving, caring and nurturing environment
  • We embody a passion for our purpose
  • We are invitational, not expectational - we invite the community to help serve.

Who We Are . . .

We are Caring for Children and Families. Mind. Body. Soul.
We serve the young child impacted by abuse, neglect, and mental or behavioral health needs through a suite of programs all designed to offer and facilitate early intervention. We offer both physical and mental health treatment to children during their formative years (ages birth through ten), coupled with treatment services for the entire client family.

The Cookie Jar

Because the services provided by Our Little Haven are very complex, emotional and complicated, these services are simplified through an easy example of a Cookie Jar.

Our Little Haven believes that when we’re born, God gives us a Cookie Jar and with each positive experience – every hug, each high-five, every success – we get a cookie in our Cookie Jar.

At about ten years old (the ending of our formative years) our Cookie Jar gets sealed up and what we have in our Jar is what nurtures us for the rest of our lives. Now, most of our Cookie Jars are pretty full. The Haven Kids Jars are empty and it’s our honor to fill them.

Community, Kids and Cookie Jars - doesn't get much simpler than that.

Our Little Haven and numerous studies show us that by treating those children experiencing needs stemming from abuse, neglect, unhealthy mental and behavioral issues, at the earliest age possible, allows for treatment that is life long, better for the child, better for the family, better for the community and uses fewer resources. Similar to a building, our lives are based on the need for a strong foundation. If our building’s foundation is weak there will be a catastrophic event – nobody knows when, but there will be a problem endangering those in and around the building. Similarly, if our life is based on a weak foundation, there will be a catastrophic event harming those in and around the devastated person while creating a life-long dependency on the already saturated welfare system. It becomes clear that we can “fix” the problem while the foundation is still being built (during the formative years) or we can wait until the building is done and then try to repair the foundation using precious resources to move and restore the damaged building. Our Little Haven has the ability and willingness to fix the problem early alleviating the potential of an unfulfilled life.