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At Our Little Academy our mission has always been to treat children with emotional, behavioral, and social challenges and help them reach their full potential.

We witness first-hand how systemic racism and violence towards black individuals cause our young black clients to feel unsafe in the world and create trauma, deflated self-worth, and educational deficits limiting their potential before they’ve even had a chance to succeed.

We know everyone has a role to play in ending systemic racism and violence toward black individuals. OLA is determined to be part of the solution. We believe black lives matter. Our Little Academy is committed to best serving all clients through regular diversity, equity and inclusion training, addressing biases, seeking knowledge and being open to having hard conversations.

Our Little Academy is Our Little Haven's therapeutic preschool. This innovative day treatment program is unique to the region, one of only three such programs licensed by the Department of Mental Health in the State of Missouri as a Preschool Day Treatment Facility.

Our Little Academy is a full day program that provides therapeutic treatment in a preschool setting for children ages 3-5 who cannot participate in a traditional preschool/daycare due to behavioral or emotional problems. Diagnoses may include reactive attachment disorder, ADHD, oppositional defiant disorder, PTSD and other disruptive behavioral disorders. Individual and group therapy, small class size (3-4 children) and a high therapist-to-child ratio (1:3) provides individualized treatment and needed support for children and families.

Our Little Academy's strong parent/caregiver involvement promotes family cohesiveness. On-site contracted speech and occupational therapy when appropriate, comprehensive psychological evaluations as needed, and psychiatric consultation ensure that each child's needs are met.

Admission to this year-round program is on a rolling basis. Hours are Monday through Friday, 8 am - 3:00 pm (pick up between 3:00 and 3:30 pm) Payment options include Medicaid, (Foster & Adoptive children may qualify for 100% Medicaid reimbursement) MC+, sliding scale fees and some scholarships are available. Transportation financial assistance may be available to families.

Our Little Academy is a full day, year round program which combines traditional preschool activities with individual and group therapy, social skills development, speech and occupational therapy when indicated, and psychiatric care. Children reach their potential as they experience art, music, playground activities and the pre-academics that will prepare them for kindergarten, integrated with support for families as they heal from early traumatic experiences or family disruption. Our Little Academy’s mission is early mental health intervention for families in St. Louis City and County.

What are the eligibility requirements for Our Little Academy?

Children 3, 4 and just –turned 5 years old qualify for services which address social, emotional and behavioral challenges due to a history of trauma or family disruption. The child must be toilet trained and be able to learn in a structured environment. This is a full-day, year-round program. Parents must be able to transport their child each day. OLA requires a minimum 6-month commitment to treatment and a parent meeting with a staff member once each week.

How do I know if this is the right program for my child?

If your child has had problems in a daycare or preschool program with aggression, hyperactivity, oppositional/defiant behavior, or high sensory needs, s/he may do very well in a program that emphasizes consistency, structure, and healing interactions with master’s level educators and therapists. Families are asked to visit the program to complete observations and assessments prior to deciding whether the program is a good match for the child and the family.

How do I pay for tuition?

Children who are in foster care, adoptive families, or who are receiving family-centered services, usually qualify for full payment through Medicaid. Other families may use daycare subsidy payments or sliding fee scale payments.

How long are kids enrolled at Our Little Academy?

Most children stay until they are ready to begin kindergarten, which is an average stay of 15 months.

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