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A Strategic Plan

As Our Little Haven is constantly working to get better at what she does - offering better service to the kids and families; providing better and more efficient and effective service to the kids and families; contributing to the community's well-being; tendering good stewardship practices; and, demonstrating accountability for all aspect of service - there is a Strategic Plan in place to guide the work.

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The objectives of the Strategic Plan are:

  • Establish a clear baseline to better understand the current state of the Our Little Haven, along with the most important issues facing the organization in the coming years.  This includes evaluating the effectiveness of current programming, the possibilities of new programming, and discerning the type of opportunities that best serve your constituents.
  • Review and refine the existing mission, vision and core Values of Our Little Haven.  The objective is to ensure that there is an organization alignment to these.
  • Determine the key strategic issues and questions that must be addressed.
  • Facilitate the leadership team (including Trustees) in the creation of a long-term vision defining the desired future for Our Little Haven.  Our goal will be to look forward 5 years.
  • Assess the infrastructure, organization capacity and board development needed to support the plan.
  • Identify the key priorities and initiatives for implementing the plan, along with defined action plans and responsibilities, and performance metrics for tracking progress and measuring success.
  • Conduct the process in a way that is inclusive of the many stakeholders to ensure that we create alignment to the plan that is developed.
  • Click Here for a copy of Our Little Haven Strategic Plan