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the cookie jar

We believe that when we’re born, God gives us a Cookie Jar and through our formative years, with every hug, kiss, high-five, and celebration – we get a Cookie in our Cookie Jar. Around 10 years old, our Cookie Jars get sealed up when our formative years are ending. And, the Cookies we have in our Cookie Jar are what we have to nurture us for the rest of our lives.

Most of our Cookie Jars are full – mine’s full and I suspect yours is too - the kids at Our Little Haven, well, their Cookie Jars aren’t full and that’s where you come in.

Help fill these Cookie Jars.

Upcoming Events

Card Party

Download Card Party Flyer and Registration Form  

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Home Brew Fest at Das Bevo

Purchase Your Ticket Here! Home Brew Fest 2018 is here! Join the fun Saturday, June 16th at Das Bevo Biergarten.  Your ticket gives you access to try different and unique home brews from talented brewers around St. Louis, enjoy live music and the famous Das Bevo Biergarten.  Tickets: Tickets are $30 in advance and $35… Read more »

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25th Anniversary Celebration-Event Pictures

Wow! What a great evening. Thank you for sharing your time with Our Little Haven on Sunday, April 22nd. We are grateful for your support to the many children and families we work with every day. Enjoy the pictures. Oh, and save the date…the celebration continues Sunday, April 28th 2019! See you there.    

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