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Keystone Services

Keystone offers a broad range of mental and behavioral health care, tailored to meet several individual needs.  Clients may enter as an assessment/evaluation recipient or treatment recipient only, or combination of both. However, continuity of care necessitates that assessment directs and is tied to treatment planning, and this connection between treatment and on-going assessment is maintained throughout the service encounter of a client. Clinical case management may be included in the various services. All services include collaboration and coordination of care with internal and external providers, as appropriate.

Services at Keystone

Individual and Family Psychotherapy

From addressing the very complex to more straightforward difficulties, the selected treatment method is specific to the assessed concerns, diagnosis, and strengths of each individual case. Most child clients are also treated in the context of a family systems approach.

Comprehensive Psychological Evaluations

Tailored to the reason for referral, evaluations are designed to address clinical questions, diagnose or clarify diagnosis, make recommendations, and guide treatment. Evaluations are conducted by experienced licensed, doctoral-level Clinical Psychologists with advanced training in psychological tests and measures.

Mental Health Assessments

Each psychotherapy case begins with a bio-psycho-social assessment and diagnosis to direct the Individualized Treatment Plan and Goals of each case. Assessments continues on a quarterly basis to update the Individualized Treatment Plan and Goals.

Mental Health Screenings

Screenings are used to identify the need for further evaluation or treatment, the screening is especially helpful for children entering foster care, when there may be limited information on their prior functioning.

Parent Coaching 

This intervention assists parents with helping their children and families manage identified symptoms or relationships. This may often occur within established family psychotherapy.

Parenting Assessments

Parenting assessments identify parenting strengths and needs, and make recommendations for addressing these needs. Although many are court ordered, these assessments are also available to parents on a voluntary basis.

Psychiatric Medication Management (for established Keystone psychotherapy clients only)

When the Individual Treatment Plan and Goals of psychotherapy identify the need for additional treatment methods of medication to manage mood or behavioral symptoms, our child psychiatrist provides these services within our same offices.

Community and Professional Training and Education

Our clinicians are available to provide regular, on-going consultation to other professionals, and to offer professional training and education as needed or part of a larger conference. Topics may come from the areas of child development, mental health/behavioral health, and professional development.

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