When Thomas met Tonya

Thomas has some pretty special superpowers. What are they? He adapts, he overcomes, and the moment you meet him, he will fill your heart with love. Thomas is three years old. He is full of life, ready to learn, and his love for Superman is unmatched. 

Thomas’s life did not start off as you might expect. He was born addicted to drugs. Two days after being born, Thomas was released from the hospital and into the care of the Taylor Family Care Center, Our Little Haven’s foster care program.

When a foster child, like Thomas, comes into Our Little Haven’s care, our Case Managers work tirelessly to find the best foster family for them; whether that is a relative or one of our amazing foster parents. That was when our Case Managers contacted Tonya, a distant relative. Tonya, a young single woman, only had an hour notice that she would be taking in an infant with higher medical needs. But Thomas was not your “typical” baby, he had superpowers. And Tonya was not alone, she had her family and Our Little Haven. 

During times of uncertainty within the fostering process, Tonya never felt lost. Our Case Managers were only a call away to offer guidance and advocate for Thomas and Tonya. When Thomas’s medical needs felt overwhelming or confusing, Nurse Shari, our Coordinator of Medical Services, was there to offer expert advice and assistance. 

After being a foster parent for a few months, Tonya was ready to take the next step towards adopting Thomas. The process was not easy, but she knew she could rely on Our Little Haven to help her. 

Families are formed in different ways, but their foundations are always made of love – the greatest superpower of all.

A year later the day had arrived for Tonya to officially adopt Thomas. Family, friends, neighbors, and Our Little Haven staff were there to show off their greatest superpower: their love and support for both Thomas and his mom, Tonya.

Families are formed in different ways, but their foundations are always made of love – the greatest superpower of all.

if you are interested in learning more about becoming a foster/adoptive parent, please contact Nicole at

Our Little Haven works to protect the privacy and rights of the children and families we serve. Thomas and Tonya are no longer receiving our services and are proud to share their story with the community. 

A Letter from Tonya:
I do not know where to begin but I wanted to personally thank you. From every ounce in my heart I hope all of you know that we appreciated your hard work, dedication, knowledge, and compassion. Going through this process definitely opened my eyes to what you go through daily. I realize I have only seen a tiny spec and our situation was unique and essentially a smooth process, but all of you have made me want to encourage others to consider fostering & adoption. My entire family feels blessed that we had such a great team throughout this entire process. Thank you for everything.

Tonya, Thomas’s Mom