caring for children and families. mind. body. soul.


Taylor Family Foster Care

Our Little Academy

Keystone Mental Health

Who We Are

Caring for Children and Families, Mind, Body, & Soul

Our Little Haven strives to create an environment where our dedicated professionals can work each day improving the lives of children and families. Through available resources, dedicated management, and competitive benefits, Our Little Haven team members can be proud to provide the love, compassion, and professional help at Our Little Haven.

Our Mission

Our Little Haven is relentlessly committed to providing early intervention services for children and families. Our community of professional caregivers creates a safe, secure and healing environment for those impacted by abuse, neglect, and mental or behavioral health needs. We make the hurting stop, the healing begin and the love last, one child at a time.

Our Values

Guided by a belief in a loving God:

  • We place the well-being of the child as our first and most important priority
  • We value the people who care for the children
  • We serve our families with love, care, and compassion
  • We are dedicated to the highest quality of service and professional expertise
  • We provide a loving, caring and nurturing environment
  • We embody a passion for our purpose

The Our Little Haven Cookie Jar Story

We believe when we’re born, God gives us a Cookie Jar. As we grow up we get a Cookie added to our jar for each positive experience we get a Cookie in our Cookie Jar.  So each hug, high-five, or smile adds a Cookie to our Cookie Jar.  At about ten years old, when we reach the end of our formative years, our Cookie Jar gets sealed up.  The contents in that Jar are what nurtures us for the rest of our lives.  Fortunately, most of us go through life with a pretty full Cookie Jar.  The kids at Our Little Haven have empty Jars.  Thanks to you, along with the right programs and therapies, together we are filling Cookie Jars everyday.

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