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Employee Satisfaction Survey 2020

Thank you for taking the time to complete the Employee Satisfaction survey below. This will give Our Little Haven the opportunity to focus resources and help identify organizational strengths and areas of opportunity. Your honesty and additional comments are appreciated. This online survey has complete anonymity and results are compiled by a third party volunteer. When the survey has been completed please click SUBMIT at the end.

The surveys must be completed and submitted by Noon on Thursday, December 31st 2020. To ensure your privacy the survey responses will be complied by a third party volunteer. All ISP addresses have also be disabled from being reported via this survey. A paper survey is available HERE via PDF and must be turned in by the deadline in the mail box made available in each program building.

Should you need to pause the survey, there is an option to do so at the end of the survey (scroll down) you will be provided a unique URL that can be used to return to the survey.

Thank you for your participation and willingness to share your valued opinion.

OLH Mission Statement: 

Our Little Haven is relentlessly committed to providing early intervention services for children and families. Our community of professional caregivers creates a safe, secure and healing environment for those impacted by abuse, neglect and mental or behavioral health needs. We make the hurting stop, the healing begin and the love last, one family at at time. 

Our Core Values

  • We place the well-being of the child as our first and most important priority. 
  • We value the people who care for the children. 
  • We serve our families with love, care and compassion. 
  • We are dedicated to the highest quality of service and professional expertise. 
  • We provide a loving, caring and nurturing environment. 
  • We embody a passion for our purpose.