Happy Holidays & Thank You!

Without you, my family wouldn’t be complete. It may sound exaggerated, but it’s true! Without your continued support, faith, and trust in Our Little Haven to help children and their families, Brian and I would never have received a phone call to pick up our Hannah.

Hannah was 7 months old when we received that call just three months after we became foster parents. Hannah was tiny — much smaller than a 7-month-old baby should be. She was underfed and barely made eye contact when most babies this age would be reaching developmental milestones.

Those first few months were very difficult for all three of us. But slowly Hannah began to smile, and then giggle, and finally came the full belly laughs. It didn’t take long before Brian and I both knew that Hannah was ours. We were ready to transition from foster parents to Mom and Dad.

Our Little Haven was with us every step of the way, from picking up Hannah at the hospital, to sleepless nights, and when we finally adopted Hannah at the age of three. It was a long process and we aren’t sure how we would have gotten through it without the help of Our Little Haven’s professionals. I am grateful for their support, guidance, and consideration.

Without your support, there is no telling where Hannah would be today. Our happy, beautiful, active eight-year-old loves school and swimming. She makes new friends everywhere she goes and she brings so much light and love into our lives. On behalf of myself, Brian, Hannah, and all the children and families served by Our Little Haven, thank you for your support.

Karen Dagenhart

Kathleen and I are humbled and honored to work with Our Little Haven’s team who help children and families every day, just like the Dagenhart Family. Of course, none of this is possible without the generosity and support of our community. You allow our team to go above and beyond for those who need it most. On behalf of those we serve together, we thank you. We invite you to continue your support by making a gift in honor of the children and families of Our Little Haven this Holiday Season.


Scott Hummel, MSW, PhD (hon) & Kathleen Hummel, MSW, PhD (hon)
Executive Director & Emeritus Therapeutic Director

To make a contribution by check please mail to: Our Little Haven P.O. Box 23010 St. Louis, MO 63156.