Children’s Mental Health Week 2019

*Our Little Haven works to protect the privacy and rights of the children and families we serve. Casandra’s story has specific changes to protect her and her family’s privacy and all identifiable information has been removed.
*Photos used in this article are stock images and are not of children or families served by Our Little Haven.

May 5th-11th

Yesterday marked the first day of Children’s Mental Health Week 2019.

When reflecting on healthy living, one tends to focus on physical health – through food, being active, getting enough sleep, etc. In order for overall health, it is equally important to look after our minds – our mental health – too.

Our bodies and minds are closely linked. When our physical health suffers, so does our mental health, and vice versa.

Children’s mental health is extremely important. It has been found in multiple studies that if a child suffers from mental health problems during their formative years (birth through about age 10), they will most likely suffer from those same problems in their adult life. Not only will those mental health problems follow them, but they will most likely worsen with time.

Our Little Haven continues to provide early-intervention mental and behavioral health services for children birth through twelve. Two of our programs directly focus on providing these services.

Keystone Mental Health Services is our outpatient program providing mental and behavioral health care: assessments/evaluations, treatments, and community consultations.

Our Little Academy Day Treatment Preschool is our innovative day treatment program unique to the region. It is a full-time day treatment in a preschool setting, serving children 3-5 years of age.

If you know a child in need of a mental health assessment, please contact Jessie Burke, Intake Coordinator, at 314-533-2229 x 223.

If you are interested in supporting our mental health programs, click here.