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Should you chose to support Kari's Kids Scholarship Fund, a note will be sent to the family of Kari Schooley notifying them of your gift in Kari's honor. 

Kari's Kids Scholarship Fund was established to recognize the impact made by Our Little Academy staff member, Kari Schooley. For seven years, Kari shared her time with the students, families, and team at Our Little Academy. She has impacted countless young lives and positively affected the futures of children she helped.

Most families helped by Our Little Academy do not have the resources to address many mental and behavioral issues of children. Thanks to the support of our community, we are able to provide excellent services to those who would otherwise be unable to afford them.

Scholarship Impact. Children attending Our Little Academy work with our staff to receive the care needed to prepare them for a successful transition to Kindergarten. The team works with children and families to ensure success and track the progress made. Your support to the Kari's Kids Scholarship Fund will help support a child through an entire year of the program.

Our Little Academy. Learning is a haven where children build the foundations for their futures. Sometimes that is not so simple. When a child has difficulty functioning in a traditional learning environment at a young age due to behavioral problems, Our Little Academy Day Treatment can help.

Thorough early intervention services and care; the dedicated staff of Our Little Academy prepare a child and family for a successful transition to Kindergarten.



Our Friend, Kari Schooley

Kari joined Our Little Academy as a practicum student from St. Louis University. She then became an official staff member as an Educational Therapist. For seven years, Kari shared her compassion and dedication to children attending OLA as a cherished member of the team.

Because of Kari and your support, the Kari's Kids Scholarship Fund has been established to provide financial support to families working with Our Little Academy. Your support honors Kari and the impact she has made.

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Kim, Michael, Kari, Jessie
Kim, Michael, Kari, Jessie