Meet Some of Our Superheroes

Meet Dr. Timika – Licensed Psychologist at Our Little Haven’s Keystone Mental Health Services. What’s her Superpower? To assess, diagnose, and treat children and parents who deal with emotional, mental, and/or behavioral health issues. Dr. Timika helps kids and their families to be happy and successful in their day-to-day lives – all while helping them reach mental and behavioral health treatment goals.

Meet Conner – Co-leader of The Haven Club, Our Little Haven’s young professional group. What’s his Superpower? Spreading Our Little Haven’s mission and supporting the children and families who walk through our door! Our Haven Club host events and spend countless hours volunteering their time and talents to help kids suffering from mental and behavioral health issues.

Meet Megan – An Our Little Haven Board of Trustee Member. What’s her Superpower? Advise our leadership and advocate for our children, families, and employees. She brings her expertise as Cigna’s Diversity & Inclusion Programs Director. Megan is pictured with her superhero sidekick, Mick.

Meet Len – Our Little Haven’s Maintenance Technician. What’s his Superpower? Len keeps our campus up and running. Not only does Len keep our four buildings in tip top shape, he always goes the extra mile to make sure our campus looks beautiful! Whether it’s cleaning our foster care minivan, changing a light bulb, or mowing the lawn; Len is on the job.