A Special Visitor Comes to Our Little Academy Day Treatment Preschool

The Our Little Academy Day Treatment Team
Top right to left: Danielle Farnam, MSW, LMSW, Educational Therapist and Susan Villasana Licensed Psychologist, LPC, Day Treatment Psychotherapist
Bottom Right to Left: Leisha Guterman, MS, Educational Therapist and Sarah Thomas MSW, LCSW, Program Manager

My day starts by welcoming every child at the front door of Our Little Academy. They hang up their coat and prepare for a day full of laughter, learning, and playing. But so much more goes into the care our children receive every day. Early intervention is the key component to the programs offered at Our Little Haven. Individual and group psychotherapy, play therapy, psychiatric services, and speech and occupational therapy are just a few early intervention services provided at Our Little Haven.

As the Program Manager at Our Little Academy, I am honored to help the children during their time here. All services offered at Our Little Haven are focused on healing the whole child. Mind. Body. & Soul. Our premise is simple: we fill cookie jars.

Our early intervention services were reaffirmed this summer as we welcomed back a special visitor, one of Our Little Academy’s first graduates. This vibrant young man, now a freshman in high school, came to visit and reminisce about his time spent with us. While showing him around the building, we shared memories of birthday parties, gardening, playing on the playground, and art projects. 

Over the years, I’ve saved every drawing, letter, and card the children made for me. I have something from every graduate from the last 12 years. If a child ever pops in to visit Our Little Academy, they will know they were cherished. This Graduate’s visit was no exception. I had many letters, drawings, and even photos of his special moments at Our Little Academy. We looked them over together, laughing and recounting so many wonderful memories of his preschool years – moments to treasure.

Our work, while heartbreaking at times, is extremely rewarding. It is through special visits, like the one we experienced this summer, that help us see the lasting results of our passion. It is through your support that we can continue our mission: caring for children and families. Mind. Body. & Soul.

Sarah Thomas, MSW, LCSW
Program Manager at Our Little Academy