Adopt A Family


Adopt a Family 

Your family, office, team, church, class can help a family share a special holiday morning this year by participating in the Adopt a Family program. We can help you match up with a family, a child and their wish list. We will send you the items on their list in hopes that every family we serve over the Holidays will celebrate with their children.

Each child typically asks for two items such as toys, games, and clothing. Older children in foster care or receiving services from Our Little Haven typically enjoy gift cards that give them the flexibility to chose their own items. Item are due to Our Little Haven by Friday, December 3rd.  Some circumstances could accept later date donations. Please deliver unwrapped gifts and if possible include wrapping paper, so families can wrap the items before.

Special Dates and Drop Off: 

Wish Lists will be emailed to participating groups by
Friday, November 11th. 

Gift Drop Off

All drop off will occur at 4316 Lindell Blvd. All instructions will be included in the information sheet along with wish list items for each child/family.

Weekend Availability

Saturday, November 26th: 10:00  AM to 3:00 PM

Mid Week

Monday, November 28 to Friday, December 2nd 8:30 AM to 4:00 PM


To Participate:

You can contact Chris Munoz at (314) 669-9386 or


Adopt A Family Participaton Form


Number of Family and Children Wishes

Groups are divided into Family of 4, Family of 2, or Individual children. Below, please indicate the number of each you would like to fulfill this year.
A family of 4 is typically a parent/guardian and three children in the household. This includes each child's wish list as well as some necessary household items. Average amount spent: $300-$500
A family of 2 is typically a parent/guardian and a child. This includes the child's wish list as well as necessary household items. Average amount spent: $150-$300
This includes an individual child's wish list as well as some clothing items. Average amount spent $75 -$150
Big Wish Items
In some cases, we receive a larger wish list item for a family or specific request valued at over $200. Should your family or group like to take on an additional large wish list item, please check the box below. This item may or may not be directly associated with a child/family that you have "adopted"