A Loss of A Servant

In early January 2019, Our Little Haven mourned the loss of John Seiler – a dear friend, a compassionate leader, and a Trustee for many years.  Here is the statement that we sent to our other Leaders, constituents and community – it’s a mix of a joyful recognition of the positive impact John made and the real recognition of a deep sense of loss.  His hearty and delightful presence remains, and he joins the other Angels we count on to keep us on track as we all serve the kids and families that otherwise wouldn’t have a chance.

John and his wife Anne at the 2006 Our Little Haven Gala.

Good afternoon – it is with a heavy heart and a mix of both joy and sorrow that we share with you that Our Little Haven lost a mentor, companion, and a leader as John Seiler passed onto Glory the morning of Tuesday, January 1, 2019.  

There is a deep personal loss for many of us as John was a good, strong and passionately loyal friend for many, many wonderful years.

He made important and significant impacts on thousands of children and families through his charitable works; and, his legacy here and in our hearts is strong, far reaching and full of joy and delight.

His examples of being a good husband, and a loving father are extraordinary. His examples of being a community leader are remarkable. He showed us how to be generous, fun-filled and brilliant while keeping a heart full of love for others – and, his spirit continues to amaze the rest of us.

You’re invited to offer prayers for John and for all those who are experiencing a loss.


P. Scott Hummel, MSW, PhD (Hon)
Executive Director