Technical Support

Technical Support

Ways to Watch

It’s simple! You can view The Our Little Haven Show multiple ways. Here are a few suggestions.



Using your smart TV, ROKU Device, Chromecast, or Apple TV: Click on the YouTube link and search for Our Little Haven Show

Computer to TV

Secure a HDMI cord long enough to reach your tv.
Connect the HDMI cord from your computer/laptop to your TV.
Set your TV input to the HDMI port you are using.
Play the video on your computer and enjoy on your TV
It’s a YouTube video….if you don’t start it at 7:00 PM that night, it’s okay, just press play when you are ready to enjoy!

We are happy to provide a few numbers of our awesome Haven Club Young Professionals who are happy to walk you through the process.


Here are some nice folks you can call their phone is on and they are ready to help you!


Chris Munoz: (817) 372-1575

Hi, I’m Chris. I am the Development Director for Our Little Haven. I’m happy to help, just give me a call.

What qualifies you to be OLH Tech Support? My claim to fame is I helped my parents update their entire entertainment system via video chat, they live over 1,200 miles away.


Maggie Hummel: (314) 681-6541

Maggie here. Let’s get this hooked up for ya, I hear the show is great!

What qualifies you to be OLH Tech Support? My Dad doesn’t know that I use his Netflix account, after all, I was the one who set it up!


Chad Young: (314) 960-5548

Hey everyone. I’m Chad. Get your popcorn ready cause we will have this up and running before the popping is done!

What qualifies you to be OLH Tech Support? My wife Molly and I are expecting our first child soon. I already set up the baby monitor and didn’t read the instructions once.