Series Six & Louie

Meet Our Guest - Series Six and Louie

Sunday, July 19th, 2020 at 7 pm CST

Series Six

I created Series Six because I am proud of where I was born and raised and I want to represent my hometown with designs that hone in on what make it special. We create products you can’t find anywhere else, that act as conversation pieces, and that are true to the city of St. Louis. Each design concept is carefully created, goes through a series of variations, is tweaked and perfected, and ultimately sent off to a local print shop. We're not a large corporation mass producing t-shirts. We are a small crew working day in and day out carefully creating the most innovative designs possible to ensure that those who love Saint Louis, like we do, have a way of showing it. Visit Series Six Here


A number of years ago, in a small town near the Arctic Circle, a bouncing baby polar bear was born. But this bear was very different from all of the other polar bears in the town. While all of the other bears had white fur, this bear’s fur was BLUE!!

Then one day he was told about a hockey team called the St. Louis Blues! Since the blue bear loved hockey, blues music, and was blue himself, he knew he had to find this team!

Louie can be seen at all home games and throughout the community doing what he loves best— meeting fans and supporting the Blues! So, the next time you’re at a Blues game, be sure to say “hello” or give him a high five. Visit Louie The Bear Here