Sunday, July 18th, 2021 at 7 pm CST

THE SHOW MUST GO ON! The Our Little Haven Show hosted by Martin Kilcoyne will air on Sunday, July 18th. This special opportunity allows our supporters and community members a glimpse into a typical day at Our Little Haven.

We invite you to join us on our journey as we explore our campus and program buildings. Martin and few special guests will guide our viewers on a tour around Our Little Haven, showcasing where we provide professional mental and behavioral health services to children and their families.

Below is a menu of sponsorship opportunities as well as an online registration form.

For questions, contact Chris Muñoz at (314) 669-9386 or

Show Sponsorship Chart

Show Sponsorship Registration

  • Each sponsorship comes with either a 30 second in studio commercial or 30 second recorded voice commercial to be featured during the show and available for your use.
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