Foster Care Case Management Supervisor


Title: Foster Care Case Management Program Associate Supervisor (CMAS)

Department: Contracted Foster Care Case Management Unit

Reports to: Case Management Program Supervisor and Program Manager

Subordinates: Foster Care Case Managers

Job Function:

The CMAS is supervised by the Program Supervisor and Program Manager and is responsible for direct supervision of foster care case managers, specifically City/County FCCMs. Primary responsibilities include monitoring service delivery to assure compliance with the contract, licensing standards and COA specifications and managing cases during times of turnover. The Associate Supervisor also assists administration with all aspects of contract management.


Specific Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Provide direct supervision to 2 foster care case managers assuring that services are provided in accordance with the contract, licensing standards, Children’s Division (CD) policy and COA requirements.
  • Manage cases during times of case manager turnover.
  • Assist in human resource duties necessary to maintain a qualified and well-trained Case Management Unit including:
    1. Recruitment, assessment, hiring, and disciplinary actions of all case managers.
    2. Seeking and arranging the relevant training opportunities needed to maintain best practice and meet the mandates of all state contracts and licensing standards.
    3. Assist in the development of training curriculums or opportunities needed to provide OLH Case Management staff with a sound clinical understanding of at risk children and their families.
    4. Facilitation of Individual Supervisions on at least a monthly basis or as needed
    5. Completion of all relevant personnel paperwork necessary to meet OLH, state and federal guidelines.
  • Assist management staff with all administrative duties related to the contract and perform other duties as assigned.
  • Review and sign case materials as required. Assure that case records contain required information and meet best practice standards.
  • Be available to assist staff/provide case coverage in event of crisis or emergency. Oversee case managers’ schedules to ensure coverage for all families.
  • Assist with assigning cases to workers and monitor to ensure even distribution among workers and maintain caseload standards.
  • Attend all trainings as required by CD as well as seminars and training opportunities relevant to foster care case management.
  • Serve as a member of the family support team; attend team meetings and other staffings as appropriate.
  • Maintain statistics and compile reports required by CD and/or administration related to caseload activity, performance outcomes, etc.
  • Provide information and feedback to management team and attend meetings as needed.
  • Maintain positive working relationship with representatives of CD, service providers, and of the court system. Consult with representative of state agency as needed, provide information as requested.
  • Comply with all confidentiality and security standards imposed by HIPAA, COA, and other external bodies as well as those specified in internal organizational policies.
  • Conduct activities in a manner to facilitate the fundamental goals of achieving permanency for children; placement stability, safety of children and reduction of residential utilization.
  • Shall be accessible on a 24-hour basis to the Case Managers and provide back up support for the OLH on-call system.
  • Oversee all case management activities completed within Our Little Haven’s Case Management Unit through observation, consultation, individual and group supervisions, attendance of Staffings, Treatment Team Meetings, monitoring of the management information system (FACES), and completion of CQI data sheets.
  • Participate in the recruitment and retention of foster homes within the St. Louis Partners consortium.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities Required:

  1. Master’s Degree in Social Work or other related fields.
  2. Minimum of three (3) years of case management experience, with children and families.
  3. Some supervisory or management experience preferred.
  4. Completion of the State of Missouri’s “BASIC” foster care training program for Children’s Division.
  5. Knowledgeable in the child welfare field, abuse and neglect experience required.
  6. Proficient in Microsoft Outlook.
  7. Knowledgeable and experienced in conflict resolution issues
  8. Great interpersonal skills.
  9. Ability to work independently and as a team member.
  10. Excellent verbal and written communication skills.

Work Environment:

  • Duties will be performed within an office environment and in the field.
  • Requires the ability to perform light lifting.
  • Operation of standard office equipment.
  • Sitting for long periods of time is possible.
  • Frequent transporting of children in personal vehicle required.
  • Reliable transportation and car insurance required for in-state travel.
  • The noise level in the work environment is usually moderate.

Note: Our Little Haven holds the rights to modify the terms of this job description as necessary; terms may change without prior notification.

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