Child Psychiatrist – Part Time Contracted

Keystone Mental Health Services Overview

Keystone Mental Health Services provides assessment, evaluation and treatment of mental and behavioral health disorders. We offer a broad range of services to treat complex disorders; however, our specialties are early intervention with the very young child, as well as psychological evaluation.

Our full range of services includes psychological evaluations, mental health screenings, individual and family psychotherapy, parenting assessments, parent coaching, psychiatry, consultation and community education.

Our mission at Keystone is to:

Improve the mental health and well-being of clients who traditionally have limited access to mental health care by decreasing symptoms, and increasing functioning, through early intervention.

Scope of Position:

The part time contracted Child Psychiatrist is accountable to the Director of Clinical Programs and provides psychiatric services and medication management to psychotherapy clients of Keystone Outpatient Mental Health Services. The Child Psychiatrist is responsible for initial assessment and follow-up psychiatric care to children through age 12 years, and for facilitating referrals to the next provider of psychiatric services upon discharge of clients. The Child Psychiatrist works as a member of a multidisciplinary team of mental health providers in Keystone, and has the supportive services of the agency Registered Nurse/Coordinator of Medical Services.


  • Board certified in child psychiatry, with Missouri license to practice
  • At least 2 years of experience in treating children toddler age through 12 years old
  • Proficient in Word and electronic medical record keeping
  • Able to work in a sensitive manner with children, adults, families, and professionals from a wide range of cultural, social and economic backgrounds

Principle Responsibilities

  • On-campus, psychiatric medication management services to Keystone Outpatient Mental Health Services for 4 – 8 scheduled hours 2/month, as agreed upon with the Our Little Haven (OLH) Coordinator of Medical Services
  • Emergency telephone consultation with Keystone clinicians, as needed, for patients. If such consultation exceeds 2 telephone calls a month, reimbursement at the hourly flat rate
  • Provide all case notes and diagnostic documentation for each psychiatry session or encounter, on the same day and using the therapeutic software system of Keystone
  • Provide prescriptions to patients treated, as determined by clinical judgement and expertise

As the contracting agency, Our Little Haven agrees to provide the following:

  • Referral of clients, up to age 12 years old, for psychiatric evaluation and medication management, and restricted to those clients who are already in psychotherapy with a Keystone psychologist or clinical social worker
  • A private office, scale, computer, and telephone for psychiatric services
  • Support of the OLH Registered Nurse/Coordinator of Medical Services, who will schedule clients for psychiatric sessions at lengths appropriate to the type of service to be rendered
  • Keystone therapists are the lead clinicians on the cases and with whom collaboration will take place
  • Submission of all insurance billings claims relevant to the services provided
  • Referral forms and bio-psycho-social history of each patient
  • Monthly billing invoices of services provided
  • Payment rendered within 30 days of billing

To apply, please send your cover letter and resume, or for more information and questions:

Lizette J. Smith, PhD.

Licensed Psychologist

Director of Clinical Programs

314-533-2229 extension 200